Find your spark & transform

I make people and places shine. Walk their magic.

about me

Reconnect, alchemise, Radiate

I create from a place of deep meditation. 

From this silence I let objects, ideas, words emerge. 

I love to work around an idea, a concept a tradition. 

I make personalised murals. 

I guide edible walkshops.

I interpret ancient ceramics.

Through these ways my purpose is to help people to reconnect.

How can i help?

I want to help you to reconnect to your core.

By providing tools that help you reconnect to nature, to your own deep nature, to the core of your business I can help you realign and be in flow. We are part of nature and by entering that feeling again our lives and businesses  flow in alignment. 

I love to work with the earth. The earth is giver of life and sustains us. By creating objects in earth they act as a catalyser to help you realign. To vibrate.

I also draw and guide herbal walkshops.

Soul Ceramics

Creation of ceramic and porcelain pieces from a place of silence. The pieces help you ground and elevate your vibe.

Wall drawings

After a conversation with the client I make personalised wall drawings as to make their place radiate their values .

Edible landscape

I guide edible walkshops where i explain the medicinal plants we encounter on our path. Dishes and drinks can be served with foraged herbs.


I love to interpret ancient ceramic techniques creating contemporary versions that spark joy. And magnetize a new generation.


Featured work

These are a few of the projects i have been working on lately. Hope you enjoy them. Nathalie